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End of Life Care


Saying good bye to a beloved pet is never easy. Our team will do our best to support you for the entire process from palliative care options to the actual day of euthanasia and after care. As everyone's relationship with their pet is unique and personal, so is the way their last days are treated. Please use the information and links on this page as a starting point and know our team is available for any follow-up questions you may have at this difficult time.

After Care Options

Southport Animal Hospital works with a local crematorium and after care service provider Fond Memories to provide the dignified ending that your pet deserves. 

Located East of Charlottetown along the Winter River, Fond Memories is owned and operated by Shirley and Frank Johnston. 

Home Burials

Many people may prefer to take their pet home to bury them in a special place. There are no additional fees to take your pet back home after the doctor performs the euthanasia.

PearTree Impressions

All-natural clay pawprint impression kits easily make a lifelong memento that can be left as clay, or be sent to PearTree to be personalized. 

Communal Cremation

Your pet will be cremated with other pets that have been euthanized or passed away. The ashes are then buried. 

Paw and Nose Prints

A team member will preserve your pets paw and/or nose print with ink on white paper at no charge.

Private Cremation

Your pet will be cremated and their ashes returned to you in the container of your choice. Options include: a white gift box, a wooden box or pewter urn. Pricing varies. 

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